At LCHC, we believe that policy should be rooted in a community-centered approach through systematically leveraging community input at all stages of our policy development process. We convene cross-sector and multi-issue stakeholders through our policy initiatives including LCHC’s “¡Adelante, California!” Community Advisory Board and annual Latinx Health Policy Summit. These projects allow us to build and advance a policy agenda that is truly reflective and responsive to the emerging needs of Latinx communities while also amplifying their voices in the policy-making processes.

Policy Agenda

COVID-19 has exacerbated long-standing health disparities and historic inequities faced by Latinx communities in California. Due to these structural inequities, Latinx communities are among the most impacted by both COVID-19 illness and death. Latinos make up 39.3% of California’s population, yet they are disproportionately burdened with 55.5% of COVID-19 cases and 46.4% of deaths. While the Coronavirus doesn’t discriminate, our state’s broken systems have made the Latino community increasingly vulnerable. This includes socio-economic conditions like low-wage work and unaffordable housing that have more greatly exposed Latinos to the virus. The Latino Coalition for a Healthy California 2021 Policy Agenda supports three priority issue areas-Access to Healthcare for All, Building Healthy Communities, and Health as a Human Right-along with grassroots efforts to address these inequities.

Click here to download the LCHC 2021 Policy Agenda!

Legislative Advocacy

LCHC activates our annual Policy Agenda through the specific Policy Priorities that we advance in the CA State Legislature. We co-sponsor legislation and partner with Latinx Health Equity champions in the CA Assembly and Senate to achieve bold, innovative policy strategies to close the gap on racial/ethnic health disparities for the State’s Latinx community and achieve health equity for all Californians.

Administrative Leadership

LCHC is regularly nominated to participate in key advisory committees and task forces with the State on a broad range of health issues to provide the Latinx voice and ensure our policies and programs are community-centered. In 2021, LCHC staff are actively engaged on issues ranging from the COVID-19 pandemic response to behavioral health and oral health.

2021 Latinx Health Policy Summit

LCHC hosts an annual policy summit to convene health equity equity stakeholders from across the state. This year’s Latinx Health Policy Summit is titled “Nuestro Futuro, Nuestro Poder: Advancing a just COVID-19 recovery plan and achieving Latinx health equity through systems transformation.” The summit will take place virtually on September 29th and 30th, 2021 coinciding with Hispanic Heritage Month.

The summit will host Latinx leaders and allies who will highlight opportunities to advance equitable and intersectional solutions to address inequities across existing systems. This event will engage stakeholders in key discussions on policy goals that will help advance a just post COVID-19 agenda for Latinx health equity in California.

Federal Legislative Advocacy

Federal Public Lands Act

Gracias, Senador Alex Padilla, por proteger las tierras públicas y los ríos de California al avanzar la Ley de Tierras Públicas (PUBLIC Lands Act).

Estamos orgullosos de que luche por:

  • Aumentar el acceso a los parques para todos los Californianos
  • Garantizar aire y agua limpia para nuestras comunidades
  • Proteger la naturaleza para las generaciones futuras

¡Confiamos en su liderazgo!

Thank you, Senator Alex Padilla, for protecting California’s public lands and rivers by championing the PUBLIC Lands Act!

We’re proud that you’re fighting to:

  • Increase access to parks for all Californians
  • Ensure air and water for our communities
  • Protect nature for future generations

We’re grateful for your leadership!